Our Team

Allegheny Family Network Current Board of Directors

Elizabeth Rosemeyer – AFN Board Chair

Deb Shelton - Vice-Chair

Liz Stefako - Secretary

Jeremy Angus - Treasurer

Theresa Edwards

Ray Firth

Molly Kestner

Laurie Mulvey

Maria Smith

Michael Tobin

Nichole Van Alstyne

Amira Wolfson

Allegheny Family Network Leadership Staff

Ruth Fox -Chief Executive Office  rfox@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Toni Wagner - Chief Operation Officer  twagner@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Maria Silva - Chief Program Officer  msilva@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Oliver Coleman - ACCP Supervisor  ocoleman@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Christine Snyder – JPT Supervisor/Coach csnyder@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

George Fleming - FIN Supervisor gfleming@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Henry (Hank) Lipinski – Supervisor/Director of Development                      hlipinski@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Tammy Harper - CYF Supervisor tharper@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Shadena Higgins - CYF Supervisor shiggins@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Alda Walker - Training Coordinator  awalker@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Winsome Ho - Administrative Manager/Supervisor who@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org


Allegheny Family Network Parent Advisory Board

Katherine Davin-Flynn

James Hill

Duprene Johnson

Sherry Ray

Russell Stratton

Nichole Van Alstyne

Charlotte Vension

Harvey Williams

Marcella Wright-Scurry