Our Team

Allegheny Family Network Current Board of Directors

Elizabeth Rosemeyer – AFN Board Chair

Deb Shelton - Vice-Chair

Liz Stefako - Secretary

Jeremy Angus - Treasurer

Kim Currykosky

Theresa Edwards

Ray Firth

Molly Kestner

Wendy Lopez

Laurie Mulvey

Maria Smith

Russell Stratton

Michael Tobin

Nichole Van Alstyne

Amira Wolfson

Allegheny Family Network Leadership Staff

Ruth Fox -Chief Executive Office  rfox@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Toni Wagner - Chief Operation Officer  twagner@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Maria Silva - Chief Program Officer  msilva@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Oliver Coleman - ACCP Supervisor  ocoleman@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Christine Snyder – JPT Supervisor/Coach csnyder@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

George Fleming - FIN Supervisor gfleming@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Henry (Hank) Lipinski – Supervisor/Director of Development hlipinski@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Alda Walker - Parent Coordinator  awalker@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Winsome Ho - Administrative Manager/Supervisor who@alleghenyfamilynetwork.org

Allegheny Family Network Parent Advisory Board

Katherine Davin-Flynn

James Hill

Duuprene Johnson

Russell Stratton

Nichole Van Alstyne

Harvey Williams

Marcella Wright-Scurry