Education and Trainings

AOT – Agents of Transformation - 101 – Introduction to the skills needed to become an advocate.
• Intro to Leadership development
• Conflict Management
• Intro to Local, State and Federal Government
• Basic Communication Skills
• Group Facilitation
• Promoting Policy Change

AOT – Agents of Transformation - 102 – Further Development of the skills needed to become an advocate.
• Organized Leadership/PA Governance
• Preparing to sit on boards
• Roberts Rules of Order
• Different types of Committees
• Telling your story without losing focus
• General understanding of how Government works in PA
• Identifying who the key players are

AOT – Agents of Transformation – 103 – Evaluation – Understanding how to read the data

IEP – Individualized Education Plans -101 – Understanding the process

IEP – Individualized Education Plans -102- Knowing your rights and responsibilities

Leadership Development -101 – Identifying the traits and skills of being an effective leader

Parent Advisory Board Orientation – Process and responsibility of serving on the PAB

Positive Parenting – How to raise resilient children

Cultural Competency – Understanding and celebrating diversity

Mental Health First Aid - The help offered to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Family Engagement - Empowering families, based on their strengths, to have an active role in their child’s disposition and treatment.

Missing Link – a Dynamic Approach to Destiny – Empowering fathers to play an active part in their children’s life.

How to Tell your Story – Tips and techniques for sharing your life experience with families

Sexual Harassment – Helping organizations understand, discourage and eliminate sexual harassment

SSI/SSDI – Exploring the differences between Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income.

Currently in development

Government 201- In-depth look at processes needed to affect change in policies

Leadership 201- Opportunities to utilize the skills developed in Leadership 101

Public Speaking – Basic skills and techniques for speaking to an audience