Court Program  

In partnership with the Department of Human Services, AFN has a Family Support Partner stationed at one of the family court judge’s court rooms at Juvenile Court. 

The goal is to help families who are new to the child welfare system to have a Family Support Partner who can offer emotional support during this difficult time. The families are given the option to call upon the FSPs as long as they need them.

Every family will receive support and accurate information so they will have a voice and choice in selecting the services that their family needs.


Allegheny Family Network understands what you are going through because we have been there.  You are welcome to access our resource information and supports.  They are FREE OF CHARGE.  You are not alone. Allegheny Family Network supports you with our knowledge of child serving systems. 

Allegheny Family Network understands

  • Family and children’s rights
  • How and when to advocate on behalf of children
  • Services that are based on a family’s strengths and specific needs

There is Support 

A Family Support Partner from Allegheny Family Network can help you and your family understands how this system works. Family Support Partners are family members who have raised children with mental health or behavioral concerns and have gone down the path you travel. 

We can support you:

  • When you are new to court and you need help understanding the system.
  • In preparing for court so you will know what to expect in becoming an effective.
  • Help with communication so you are able to explain your situation and you and your family’s needs
  • In becoming a partner with service providers such as CYF (Children, Youth and Families) and JPO (Juvenile Probation Officers). 
  • We can help you find resources you may need.
  • In understanding CYF and Juvenile Justice mandates and orders after court.