Allegheny County Community Programs

ACCP is Allegheny Family Network’s (AFN) in-house, non-clinical support program.

ACCP Supports Families in The Following Ways:


  • Guide your family as you navigate Education, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, and other child-serving systems.


  • Collaborate with your current service providers to assist in planning the best course of action for your family.


  • Assist families with information on how to meet their basic life needs, such as, budgeting, medical care, training, education, employment, and recreation.


  • Aide the family in identifying and building their natural sources of support, including family members, friends, neighbors, or others.


  • Support families using strength-based principles: Family Support Partners help families in identifying their strengths and then using and building on these strengths - meet their needs.


How Do I Get Referred to This Program?


  • You can ask your Service Coordinator about making a referral to Allegheny Family Network for a Family Support Partner.


  • If you don’t currently have a Service Coordinator, you can call the AFN ChatLine and ask to be referred to an AFN Family Support Partner for your family.


What Happens After the Referral?


  • After we receive the referral for your family, we contact you and provide your family with a Family Support Partner within 24 to 48 hours.


  • The Family Support Partner will talk to you regarding what you would like to accomplish for your family.


It is never too late to start being heard!

Hearing impaired friends using sign lang