Circle of Parents

Circle of Parents is currently Virtual…


About Circle of Parents:

Established in 1999 Circle of Parents is a national network of parenting support that operates in 25 states and territories throughout the United States. Circle of Parents offers free meetings for anyone in a parenting role. Parents lead the groups with the support of a trained facilitator.

Allegheny Family Network is the Circle of Parents PA State Chapter. Each of our facilitators were trained in the Circle of Parents. Currently, Allegheny Family Network has two groups each meeting twice a month. We know that with the groups it can be difficult to attend and participate when there are children. To alleviate this barrier, we offer free childcare during the in-person groups as well as light refreshments.


The Circle of Parents group offers caregivers the opportunity to come together in a safe space to talk about anything from discipline,to school, health, and safety. Allegheny Family Network  Facilitators work to build a family to become a lead parent through training and coaching who can facilitate the meetings that occur.   All meetings are kept confidential within the limits of the law. Circle of Parents is an opportunity for those in a parenting role to connect with one another without judgment to each other’s stories or situations. Circle of Parents gives the opportunity to learn and grow while being supportive of one another.


To be able to be part of Circle of Parents please call your Family Support Partner, Allegheny Family Networks Chatline-1-888-273-2361, or the current Facilitators

Rhonda Greathouse-412-438-6146 (Thursday Groups) or

Christa Jones (Monday Groups) 412-438-6118

Meetings occur on the 1st and 3rd Monday and Thursday of the month.   


Please note:

These groups are closed and only those that register will be able to attend the meeting due to the confidentiality and safety of the groups


Stay tuned for in-person groups at our two locations Natrona Heights and the Main office.