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Children Youth and Families  (CYF)

The primary goal of these services is to support the families that are involved with Children, Youth and Families.

How a Family Support Partner (FSP) Supports a Family:

  • The Family Support Partner engages one on one with a family to provide support as the family identifies their needs and develops plans to achieve goals.

  • A Family Support Partner’s role is to be the liaison between the family member and the CYF Caseworker.

  • The Family Support Partner utilizes a compassionate, non-judgmental, strength-based approach to assist the family.

  • The Family Support Partner can be involved in all aspects of the CYF case:

    • The FSP preps the family for CYF Conferencing and Teaming Meetings.

    • The FSP preps and debriefs the family during the family court process.

    • The FSP supports the family in developing and achieving the goals set by the family and team.

*We acknowledge that families are the expert of their own experience. At Allegheny Family Network we recognize any CYF involvement is not easy and can affect every member of the family. 

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