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Debbie Allen

Parent Advisory Board

Family means a lot to me. Families are formed in many ways and in many different styles. I am a mother of 3 biological adult children and 3children who I chose to not let go into the system and be lost forever.

When I first received services from AFN it was because I was really given no other choice in the matter, because Every Child felt it was needed.

At first, I was against it, some of my feelings were mad, angry, and even furious; my only thought was here the drama goes again only because I never heard or knew about this agency/organization.

To tell you the truth, that was the best thing that ever happened to me and my family. I could not have asked or gotten a better Family Support Partner than Ms. Rose Hammonds herself, because she helped me/pulled me through a lot of things that came up while she was my FSP!

I LOVE AFN and will stand by what they believe in and that is helping families learn how to stand proudly and successfully on their own! You will never know if AFN (Allegheny Family Network) is for you until you give them a chance, and let their Knowledge help you to help not only your family; but yourself!

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