The Fathers Involved Now Program focuses on the issues and concerns that fathers of children with mental health and emotional concerns face daily, as well as providing avenues for a nurturing connection with their children.. In this program, a Family Support Partner works with fathers to access resources and negotiate the Mental Health, Educational, Juvenile Justice and Children Youth and Families systems. The Family Support Partner supports parents in giving them a voice and choice for their children through educating them on the systems and their rights to advocate for their children.

The program realizes that dads are a valuable part of the family and could benefit from the support of other fathers. The support group assists fathers in understanding the importance of becoming financially and emotionally involved in the daily rearing of their children. We also provide an opportunity for fathers to discuss, vent, and have a peer base support group to bounce their concerns, joys, and daily struggles. The primary goal of these services is to support the fathers in the least restrictive and most normal setting possible while ensuring the families remain linked to the services they have chosen.

FIN Supports Fathers In The Following Ways:

  • Assisting the family with the resources needed to access the services that they need and want.

  • Assisting families with information on how to meet their basic life needs, such as housing, food, medical care, training, education, employment, and recreation.

  • Supporting the family in identifying and building their natural sources of support, including family members, friends, neighbors, or others.

  • Assisting families using strengths-based principles: Family Support Partners support families in identifying their strengths and then using and building on these strengths to meet their needs.

How Do I Get Referred To This Program?

  • If you already have existing services in Allegheny County, you can ask your Service Coordinator about making a referral to Allegheny Family Network for a Family Support Partner. AFN will work with your existing team to support your family.

  • If you don’t currently have services in Allegheny County, you can call the AFN Chat Line and ask to be referred to the Fathers/ Family Support Partner for your family.