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AFN Welcomes Chief Services Officer to Team!

Debbie Glover Jozwiak joins AFN in leadership position

Headshot photograph of chief services officer Debbie Glover Jozwiak
Debbie Glover Jozwiak, Chief Services Officer

Allegheny Family Network (AFN), a family-run organization supporting parents raising children with mental health concerns in Allegheny County and across Pennsylvania, announces the hiring of Debbie Glover Jozwiak as Chief Services Officer. Jozwiak joins the Executive Team under the guidance of Ruth Fox, Chief Executive Officer.

Jozwiak brings to AFN extensive experience in the administration, implementation and advocacy of medical supports, therapeutic services and parent peer supports. Most recently as a Family Peer Support Specialist at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital, Jozwiak led the agency in creating a family support department to offer guidance and education to families of more than 80 residents in the residential treatment facility.

As the parent of an exceptional child on the Autism spectrum, Jozwiak understands the challenges and obstacles families and professionals face in seeking and obtaining quality therapeutic programs, as well as the success that can come to a family that receives effective support through their child’s journey. Jozwiak also held positions at the PEAL Center as a Project Coordinator, and dedicated time to the Special Education Advisory Council at Mt. Lebanon School District, as well as several leadership positions in the medical and forensics fields.

“Debbie brings administrative and leadership experience that can contribute greatly to the array of services offered at Allegheny Family Network,” said Fox. “AFN is delighted to have Debbie as our CSO as she begins to lead our direct support staff and supervisors in their work empowering parents to identify and advocate for their ‘family voice’.”

Jozwiak eagerly takes the helm guiding AFN’s six supervisors and Senior Supervisor in their coaching of more than 25 Family Support Partners as they engage with more than 450 families monthly to carry out Allegheny Family Network mission – “Through peer to peer support, education and advocacy, we partner with families of children with behavioral health needs to improve their quality of life.” “It is my honor to be leading the group of FSPs and supervisors who take the mental and behavioral health of children and families so seriously. On a daily basis they LIVE it within their own families, then go into the community to WORK with it by supporting other families. At AFN, we strive to create a foundation of trust and approachability in a judgement-free zone, so it is my pleasure to be part of this incredible agency,” said Jozwiak.

Jozwiak received her B.S. in Health Planning and Administration from Penn State University.

Allegheny Family Network is a peer-to-peer model organization offering various programs and services for parents and caregivers raising children with mental health, emotional or behavioral concerns. AFN works with hundreds of families each week to navigate through all of the Child-Serving Systems including Behavioral Health, Children, Youth and Families (CYF), Juvenile Justice, Education and special programs for Foster Parents, Fathers, incarceration reunification, housing and employment to accomplish goals for the betterment of the parents and the children.

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