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AFN and GPFB partner for Fathers for Literacy Event

Allegheny Family Network (AFN) is excited to partner with the Greater Pittsburgh Festival of Books (GPFB) to host the Fathers for Literacy event on April 23, 2022, at the Highlands Community Center in Natrona Heights, Harrison Township, Allegheny County.

As a peer-to-peer family support organization, Allegheny Family Network knows the impact of fathers in children’s lives. When fathers are involved in children’s lives, the risk of poverty, teenage pregnancy, abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and behavior disorders are greatly reduced, according to reports from the National Fatherhood Initiative. Studies also show father involvement improves school attendance, academic achievement, and healthier behavior choices, according to

AFN provides services directly to fathers and father-like caregivers through its Fathers Involved Now (FIN) Family Peer Support Service, where dads are connected to a Father Support Partner, a trained professional with lived experience who has navigated child-serving systems and can help other dads do the same. Parents in the Fathers Involved Now service are invited to trainings, learning cohorts, and support groups for dads, as well as receive assistance in securing employment and housing.

In addition to the FIN service, AFN provides one-to-one support, peer support, and parenting and mental health education to any family of a child with behavioral health concerns across Allegheny County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

To broaden the community of literacy and father engagement, GPFB is working with FIN to talk about the importance of literacy and the joys of reading with their children. Fathers and their children ages 2 to 12 are invited to the Highlands Community Center, 701 California Avenue in Natrona Heights from 11 AM to 1:30 PM on Saturday, April 23 to participate in activities, crafts, and storytelling. Each family will be able to build and customize a Book Nook, review books on-site, and select books for free to take home and continue in the joy of reading. Books are provided through a grant from the Grable Foundation to GPFB.

Fifteen families can participate, so parents are encouraged to RSVP to AFN at 1-888-273-2361 or by email to

Families who cannot attend the AFN Festival of Books event can find a Festival of Books near them soon! Check out the website for upcoming dates and locations in the Greater Pittsburgh area!

Parents or caregivers who are raising children with behavioral health concerns who would like free support can call the Parent Support Line at 1-888-273-2361.

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