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Now Hiring Family Support

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

What's it like to be a Family Support Partner? Our team says it is REWARDING to support other parents who are facing challenges, experiencing new behaviors or even starting a real uncomfortable journey with the Child, Youth and Family service. Family Support Partners have been there - as parents and caregivers, they've received phone calls that made them anxious, concerned or even sad about their child's behavioral or mental health. Some of our Family Support Partners have adopted children, or fostered them while their biological parents worked through some things. Some of our Family Support Partners had to be persistent in working with their child's school in finding services that helped their child stay in school or succeed through their educational career.

AFN's Family Support Partners have experience raising children - and making major decisions for their families - that many parents don't have to. They've learned how to be strong, determined, persistent, empowered and educated so that their Family Voice and Family Choice could be respected and honored in the best interest of their child.

Do you have a similar parenting experience? Then we want to meet YOU! If you've had experiences with your children, foster children or stepchildren that required you to learn about resources, advocate as a parent or become informed about child-serving systems, like schools, juvenile justice or CYF, then you may be able to use that experience to help other parents in Allegheny County!

Attend our Hiring Event on June 22, 2022. Bring a resume and meet our team at our Oakland office location. See you then!

Questions? Email or check out our Careers page:

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