The AFN Chat Line is a confidential support line that family members can call for support, resources, and general information on raising children with emotional and mental health needs.

Emphatic Listening From Real Supportive Parents

As a parent rearing a child who has emotional or mental health needs, it can be difficult to share your story with someone who has no idea what you may be going through, let alone experienced such as the calls from the school or looks from family members or strangers. Chat Line representatives have had these experiences and understand some of the feelings you may be experiencing.

Helpful, Relevant Resources

AFN Chat Line representatives make sure to provide you with information that is relevant to you and your family, including the following:

  1. Where to go get an evaluation for your child close to home.
  2. Who should be at your child’s IEP meeting.
  3. Where to find support groups for parents of children who have emotional and mental health needs.

Help Finding YOUR VOICE

Whether you are new to the process of dealing with the different child-serving agencies in Allegheny County or have been involved in the process for years, it is good to have someone in your corner. If you feel your voice is not being heard and would like some support to help voice the your family's needs, please call the AFN Chat Line. Chat Line representatives are committed to helping you find your voice during those stressful times.