Allegheny County Community Programs (ACCP) collaborates with several providers in Allegheny County.  This broad based serving program assists families raising children with mental health or behavioral concerns from 0—21.   


Child Welfare Support collaborates with Children Youth and Families serving families who are involved in Allegheny County Department of Children, Youth and Families.


Fathers Involved Now focuses on helping Fathers understand the benefit in maintaining a healthy relationship with their child in order to improve outcomes for their children.  

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Foster Family Support staffed with lived experience in foster care and adoption help other foster families raising 12—18 year olds, navigate the system and improve placement stability.

Serious Family

High Fidelity Wrap Around collaborates with Human Services Administrative Organization and Family Resources in providing High Fidelity Wrap Around to families who use multiple services and qualify for this specific program.

Steps to Connect —Partnering with Allegheny County to provide Support to families who have children that identify as part of the LGBT Community.

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About Support Groups.

Allegheny Family Network



CHATLine offers a well trained and experienced Family Support Partner with personal experience raising a child with behavioral issues who can help with connections to community services, negotiating different systems, or emotional support.  The families can also call to request a face to face one on one Family Support Partner through the CHATLine.


* CHATLine hours of operation are 9:00 am—4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Calls received after hours will have the option of leaving a message and will receive a call back on the next business day. 

* This CHATLine is not a crisis line.  The CHATLine is a support line and referral service.  In the event of a crisis—AFN staff will refer callers to emergency support services such as 911 or Resolve Crisis Network. 

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