Allegheny County Community Programs (ACCP)

ACCP offers family support to Allegheny County parents and caregivers who have a child who is at risk or is diagnosed with a behavioral health concern.  Through the assistance of Family Support Partners, parents are given emotional support, are linked with community resources, are taught self-advocacy skills, and are empowered to reach their goals. The experiences the FSPs gained by facing their own life challenges with children with similar needs, provide them with the ability to serve as mentors and role models to the families they support.  

Joint Planning Team (JPT)

otherwise known as “High Fidelity Wraparound” is a structured, team-based process that uses an evidence-based, nationally recognized model that partners with families to use their voice and strengths to develop a family driven plan that promotes self-advocacy. Participating families have children and adolescents experiencing complex mental health needs. Children and families who are encountering multiple system challenges engage in a process that nurtures their strengths and helps them to identify and implement new strategies to keep their families together and plan for their own needs.     

AFN’s Joint Planning Team FSPs are credentialed by the Youth and Family Training Institute.  They assist family members in carrying out the steps to achieve their goals and help them to identify and develop supports in friends, families, and other natural resources.   

CYF Collaboration

is a partnership with the Office of Children, Youth and Families.  The goal of this program is to help families resolve the issues that caused their involvement in child welfare and overcome obstacles that might create barriers to keeping their family together or having their children returned to their home.  FSPs help parents obtain needed resources, carry out court mandates, attend court with them, participate in CYF Conferencing & Teaming Meetings and school meetings, and provide encouragement and hope that their lives will get better.

Fathers Involved Now Program (FIN)

is a dynamic father’s program that promotes partnership between the fathers who are raising children with behavioral challenges and the child serving system. The FIN FSPs are fathers who understand the important role fathers play in their children’s lives.  They coach fathers, many of whom have not parented their children, to develop meaningful relationships with their children.  Events geared to provide fun and significant interactions between fathers and their children are planned throughout the year.

Foster Family Support

prepares foster parents to meet the challenges of fostering adolescents.  Using their own experiences in fostering adolescents, the Foster Family FSPs help parents understand how the traumas their foster child has experienced impacts their behavior and helps them build understanding relationships.

Steps to Connect

support parents in affirming their child who identifies as LGBTQI+.  The support of FSPs who struggled to accept and affirm their own child’s choices has been found to be incredibly helpful to parents who are facing the same emotional challenge.  The goal is to strengthen the bond between parent and child and keep the family together.

Employment and Housing Support Services

are offered to families enrolled in individual services through AFN.  The Employment Specialist and the Housing Coordinator help parents find employment and housing by listening closely as they describe their interests and needs and working with them to achieve their goals.   

Circle of Parents

is a self-help support group model designed for parents who struggle with providing positive

reinforcement to their children. The groups are free, confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental and promote positive and non-abusive parenting. Through conversation and mutual support, the groups offer parents the opportunity to talk with each other about the parenting challenges they face and ways to improve the emotionalhealth of their families.  Parents learn from each other and are sources of strength to one another. The group is led by an FSP Group Facilitator and a Parent Leader.  Groups are on-going, require no intake, and with few exceptions, are open to all parents. Quality childcare and bus tickets are provided to minimize barriers to participation. AFN is the Pennsylvania State Chapter for the Circle of Parents.  

Support Groups

designed to bring parents together for discussion and sharing are offered in-person and virtually. 

AFN’s support groups are facilitated by FSPs and Lead Parents and are offered to parents or caregivers who are raising children with behavioral or mental health needs.  Participation in the groups provide parents opportunities to share experiences without judgment, and develop a sense of belonging and empowerment, and build leadership skills.