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Support Groups

Support Groups have gone Virtual…

Due to the pandemic, our support groups have changed. We believe in having opportunities for families to come together to learn and grow as a group. To be able to share experiences and not be judged for what is going on in their lives. Allegheny Family Support Groups offer families to take leadership roles in these groups. The lead parents are able to run support groups, they take on tasks to help engage and bring others to the table. We know that with the groups it can be difficult to attend and participate when there are children. To alleviate this barrier, we offer free childcare during the in-person groups as well as light refreshments.

The current groups are as follows


Triboro Support Group

The group is about learning and navigating services needed to care for families while networking to create new and productive relationships with others in the community. The group welcomes all who desire to attend and work together to empower each other, to strive for education, and to advocate for ourselves and our children.

Meetings occur on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7:00. PM

For more information on being part of the support group, please contact Staff Organizers

Rhonda Greathouse-412-438-6146 or

Shirley Rucker-412-438-6117


Second Time Around Grandparents Support Group

has currently combined all support groups for Virtual meetings occurring the 3rd Thursday of the month from 2-3:30 PM.

For more information on being a part of this support group, please contact Staff Organizers

Rose Hammonds-412-438-6114 or

Carla Thompson-412-438-6127


Building the Champion in You

This group is a workshop that offers the opportunity for all dads to join in learning and growing. To educate and support the overall AFN and Fathers Movement through advocacy, education, and self-sufficiency for all of our fathers. Meetings occur on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at noon.

For more about this group, please contact Staff Organizer

George Fleming-412-438-6106.


Stayed tuned for when we have in-person groups occurring again.