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Allegheny Family Network is a “Family Run” non-profit organization serving Allegheny County. 

As a “Family Run” organization AFN is staffed by family members (parents or caregivers) with lived experience who have raised or are raising a child with mental health or emotional needs. 

Sixty percent of our Board of Directors are Family Members, one hundred percent of our Parent Advisory Board are Family Members, and all of the staff from the Chief Executive Officer to the direct support staff are Family Members. 


​Family Voice: We believe that families are best equipped to advocate for themselves, set their own goals and priorities, and make decisions about their care.


Natural Supports: We believe that families are most successful when they connect with those who have lived experience and extended family and friends.

Strengths-Based Approach: We believe that all families have strengths and assets to be acknowledged and built upon.

Collaboration: We believe that teams of families, natural supports, and service providers can work together collaboratively to meet individual needs.

Persistence: We believe that every family deserves our attention as long as they continue to need and desire our help.

Individualized Attention: We believe that every family is uniquely different and should be treated as such.

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