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Melissa Schuetz

Parent Advisory Board

In 2016  I adopted my daughter at the age of 15.  Imaginably, many needs were necessary to address.  I reached out to anyone who said they could help.  The vetting process was cumbersome because it felt as though some system agendas were more important and didn't align with our wishes.  Services were offered through Allegheny Family Network and I took another chance on another agency speaking of services to help. This decision was a turning point for my family.  My AFN Partner and I worked together to find attainable, realistic goals and to make progress through tough times.  My AFN Partner was open about her life and shared many stories and struggles. Our conversations helped me to understand that my story although unique to me, was much like the struggle of others.  Recognizing there are many people in the area that are willing and able to help and informational resources shared throughout the agency was refreshing knowledge brought to the table by my AFN Partner.


With AFN the time and effort put in were worth the outcome.

The journey continues -- as it should be.

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