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EmpowerED Parent Class - Register by October 27th!

Starting this November join PA Parent and Family Alliance for EmpowerED Parenting: Navigating Your Child's Journey

"We know life's a juggling act, especially when you're raising a child with unique needs. But here's a game-changer: our monthly training class, is designed for busy parents just like you!

Starting this November through March join PA PArent and Family Alliance twice a month as they dive deep into school supports and IEP’s. The focus is specifically on how services and supports can be used to help our children with mental health challenges and other disabilities succeed at school.

Why should you invest your precious time?

1. Support Your Child: We'll show you how to create a rock-solid plan that addresses your child's mental health needs within their IEP. It's not just about education; it's about their well-being.

2. Mastering Meetings: Discover the secrets to ensure meetings, including those school meetings, not only respect but also value your input. You're the expert on your child, and it's time they recognize it!

This investment of your time isn't just about today; it's about securing your child's future. By empowering yourself with this knowledge you are learning skills that can help set them up for lifelong success.

Don't miss out—registration closes on October 27th at noon. Learn more here:

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